Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hear the Whisper?

There are times when a human being speaks and I hear God's voice instead.  Like Elijah's experience near the mouth of a cave: an overpowering wind blew, an earthquake shook, a fire raged. But "God was not in" them.  Then Elijah hears God whisper -- Jewish tradition says he hear the unhearably silent yet overwhelming whisper.

I have not heard God speak audibly, but sometimes I am pretty sure I have heard (not heard) God's whisper.  It often rides on the voice of an unexpected human -- a woman with piercings and tattoos or a gay man or a fat geek --- those know rejection by the prettier, more righteous people.

Jesus participated and still participates in the experience of rejection by the righteous, the smart, the powerful. Jesus whispers, "I know hurt, too.  I understand. I call you to be kind to others, because everyone has a hurt."

Luke 13:11-13  --  Jesus was teaching in a synagogue when he saw a woman burdened with a heavy spirit which had crippled her for 18 years.  Jesus SAW her.  He spoke to her in kindness.   "Woman, I set you free from your burdens. Be whole." He touched her with kindness.  She was strengthened by his words and his touch.

Shane Koyczan was bullied, then a bully, then a poet: The Most Beautiful Way to Stop a Bully.