2010s Favorite Movies

"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" (2012) PG-13 **** -- We had the disk sitting at home for a month.  I had to want to step into the pain of 9-11.  We finally watched it without really wanting to.  We watched to move our hearts closer to true humanness.  Please watch it to share not only in the human pain but the human beauty that can arise from such darkness.  9-11 is the story of humanity.  It is a beautiful and difficult movie - please watch it. -- 13 years up.

"The Big Year" (2011) PG *** -- good for nature lovers, great for birders -- 12 years up.

"The Muppets" (2011) PG **** -- great feel-good movie with quirky humor -- 7 years up.

"Shaolin" (2011) R **** -- another great movie with Jackie Chan.  He receives 4th billing.  It is great to see a superstar age humbly in their career.  The movie is one of the best traditional Chinese martial arts movies you will.  It is violent, but the heart of the story is good. --- 17 years up for violence and gore.

"We Bought a Zoo" (2011) PG *** -- great family movie for kids and parents.  -- 8 years up.

"The King's Speech" (2010) R ***** -- Brilliant movie, acting, music. -- 16 years up.

"Little Big Soldier" (2010) PG13 **** -- great Chinese movie written and produced by Jackie Chan presenting a bit of Chinese history -- 13 years up for violence.

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